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Eat better
to feel better

Better Taste. We live and breathe delicious granolas, creating rich & beautiful combinations of colours, tastes and textures that will give you only good vibes for the day ahead. We hand select all of our ingredients, carefully mixing and baking with care in small batches.

Better For You. Gluten Free. High in Fibre. Good for Your Gut. Wholegrain Oats. 100% Natural Ingredients. No Refined Sugar. Vegan.

Better For the Planet. 100% Plant Based. Carbon Neutral Oats. Recyclable Packaging.

Gluten Free Living

Be kind to your insides

To follow a gluten-free diet, you should avoid wheat and some other grains like barley, rye and some oats whilst choosing substitutes that provide nutrients for a healthy diet.

A gluten-free diet is essential for managing signs and symptoms of coeliac disease and other conditions associated with gluten like IBS, bloating and Crohn’s.

A gluten free diet

Many foods are naturally gluten-free foods like fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, eggs, lean meats and fish and dairy products.

In general, you need to avoid foods like bread, cakes, crackers, pasta and cereals unless they are labelled as gluten-free. Unless certified, oats can be contaminated during production with wheat, barley or rye, so it is always best to choose a certified gluten free product.

Check the label

In the UK & Ireland foods containing gluten must have this labelled up on the pack. Accreditations like the Coeliac Society Crossed Grain symbol give additional peace of mind.

Eating out tip: Check restaurant menus ahead of time to see if they have Gluten Free menus. And if travelling abroad, carry a card explaining your dietary needs in the language of the country.

Gut Health

A good gut,
the foundation of health

The health of our insides is essential to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Most of us have heard the term “gut health” but what does it really mean? Good gut health occurs when you have a balance between the good and bad bacteria and yeast in your digestive system.

Our guts are the foundation of everything. They aid the digestion of our foods, absorb nutrients, and use it to fuel and maintain our bodies. If your gut isn’t healthy your immune system and hormones are compromised.

Gut Health Tips

Healing your gut

Our guts are also where our body gets rid of metabolic waste and toxins. If you have an unbalanced gut, your body will struggle to rid itself of those toxins. This can cause issues like chronic fatigue, chronic illnesses and inflammation in the body, brain fog, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and gas, joint pain.

Thyroid disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Coeliac Disease, Crohn’s, Colitis, Ulcers and IBS are all linked to poor gut health.

Better gut health takes time but there are many things that make a big difference:

  • Eat slowly, avoids swallowing air and helps to break down food.
  • Eat the rainbow with more fruit and vegetables everyday.
  • Eat more fibre. Our granolas are high in oat grain fibre.
  • Include probiotics and prebiotics in your diet.
  • Limit the amount of processed foods and sugar in your diet.
  • Stay hydrated, ideally with water.
  • Lower your stress levels, keep active and get plenty of sleep.