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Our Story

We love a good story as much as a good breakfast

Just live a little began when our food-loving founders decided to dedicate their passion and energy into creating a tastier, healthier breakfast for everyone.

Recipe after recipe was developed using golden oats baked alongside nature’s finest nuts, juicy fruits and seeds to create winning granolas with the perfect combinations of colours, tastes and textures.

Growing up

We began to sell our granolas at local markets and they were loved so much that we soon found ourselves in hotels, good food stores and small supermarkets across the country. As our sales grew and we became available in more places we made the commitment to make our whole range gluten free so more people could enjoy our granolas.

From our bakery
to your bowl

A few years and lots of devoted fans later, we have a bigger gluten-free bakery, a bigger range, but every pack is still batch-baked with love and care in the heart of Northern Ireland by our passionate team of granola lovers.



Our journey to better

We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for everyone by managing our impact on the planet.

We use local ingredients were we can, sourcing from farmers and growers who share our passion for great quality as well as regenerative environmental practises. Our oats are solely Carbon Neutral Oats, achieved through the generation of biowaste thermal energy as well as emission offsetting forest planting projects.

Our packaging is designed to keep the product fresh but can be easily reused or recycled, and we only use FSC approved card which is fully recyclable.

By choosing plant based foods, you are also making difference to the environment by reduced carbon footprint (up to 73% lower according to a study by Oxford University) than a non-plant based food.

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